Programme Structure & Curriculum


1st Semester Break 2st Semester
Jan – May May – Jul Aug – Dec
5 Modules (20 MCs) 5 Modules (20 MCs)

This applies to students enrolled in the single degree MSc in Management programme. For more information about our double degree MSc in Management programme with CEMS MIM, please click here.

The MSc in Management programme is a full-time programme. You are required to complete 40 Modular Credits (MCs) offer by NUS Business School over two semesters:

  • A maximum of two Level-4000 MSc modules (Level 4000 modules are undergraduate honours year modules)
  • A mimimum of eight Level-5000 MSc modules


Our module offerings are periodically reviewed and are subject to changes. Click here to view all module offerings.

Requirements for completion and graduation

To stay and complete the programme, you must maintain a CAP of at least 3.0. In the event that you are unable to maintain a CAP of 3.0 and above, the following scenarios may occur:

  • If your CAP is less than 3.0 but more than 2.5, you will receive an initial warning. This will lead to dismissal from the programme should your CAP remain below 3.0 for the third consecutive semester.
  • If your CAP is 2.5 or below for two consecutive semesters, you will automatically be dropped from the programme.