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MSc Management

Below is a summary of the various programmes fees associated with the MSc (Management) programme:

    1. An acceptance fee of S$500 which is payable upon admission into the programme
    2. A tuition fee of S$15,000 to be paid in full upon enrolment.

Other mandatory miscellaneous fees are listed here


For students in the double-master degree programme with CEMS MIM, there is an additional tuition fee of S$15,000 which is payable in full before the start of the CEMS MIM year.

Some additional expenses of attending the CEMS MIM programme are:

  • Cost of living in the host countries
  • Visa and travel costs
  • Nominal fees for Block Seminar, Responsible Global Leadership Seminar, Skill Seminars, language courses and testing (amount varies among host schools)
  • Student Registration and Handling Fee payable to CEMS Head Office
  • Participation costs for student events
  • Participation costs in the graduation ceremony: The CEMS MIM graduation ceremony is hosted annually by one of the CEMS schools

Living Costs

The estimated monthly living expenses* for an international student in Singapore are outlined below:

Expense Type Cost
Accommodation On-campus housing (subject to availability)
SGD $660 – $1,520

Renting a room in a public housing apartment
SGD $500 – S$1,000

Renting a public housing apartment
SGD $2,200 – $3,000

Renting a room in a private apartment
SGD $600 - $1,300

Renting a 3-bedroom private apartment
SGD $4,000 - $7,000
Meals SGD $300 – $800
Transport (within Singapore) SGD $100 - $200 (buses & trains)
Healthcare SGD $18 – $55 per consultation with a General Practitioner
Personal Expenses SGD $150 – S$350
Mobile phone & broadband subscription SGD $50 – S$150
 * Actual amounts will depend heavily on the individual's lifestyle, but students should budget a minimum of SGD $18,000 per year for living expenses in Singapore.

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