CEMS Master’s in International Management



Study in 3 different countries
at 3 leading business schools

Earn 2 Master degrees
in 1.5 years

Passport to an


Springboard to
effective business

NUS MSc in Management students can enroll by choosing the additional CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM) degree.

CEMS is a strategic global alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and non-governmental organisations. This highly-ranked, global, one-year, pre-experience master’s programme emphasizes and develops management and leadership competencies with emphasis on internationalism and responsible leadership.

The programme is ranked by Financial Times among the top Master’s in Management programmes in the world from 2005 to 2015, and was recently ranked 9th in 2017. For the inaugural The Economist’s Master in Management Ranking in 2017, the CEMS MIM was ranked 9th. NUS was the first Asian university to be made a full Academic Member of CEMS in 2008. This programme is exclusively open to the MSc students of CEMS Member Schools, and has been widely recognised as one of the best springboards to an international career. The international mobility of CEMS graduates is well represented by our over 12,000 alumni of at least 85 nationalities who are currently working in more than 75 countries. More than 45% of them live and work outside their home country.

During your CEMS MIM year, you will enjoy two international exchange semesters at two leading CEMS partner universities, complete CEMS courses in Global Management, block seminars and skills seminars, as well as complete an international internship. With the CEMS MIM, you will get to experience and join a cohort of high caliber, internationally-minded, multilingual students enrolled at leading business schools across the world.

1st Semester Special Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester Internship
Jan – May May – Jun Aug – Dec Jan – Jun Jun – Aug
MSc [ Total 28 MCs* ] CEMS MIM Year [ Total 66 ECTS ]
NUS (20 MCs) NUS (8 MCs) CEMS School 1 CEMS School 2 Singapore / Overseas

*Up to 3 Level-5000 modules (maximum of 12 MCs) taken at the CEMS host schools can be counted towards the fulfillment of your MSc in Management requirement. At NUS, the workload of each module is expressed in terms of Modular Credits (MCs). The European equivalent of workload representation is ECTS credits. A typical module consists of 4 MCs (or 6 ECTS), representing about 10 hours of work per week.

What CEMS MIM Offers

“Spending my CEMS exchange semester on the NUS was one of my best decisions. Worthy of its name, NUS provides a supportive and challenging academic environment. Working in small sized classes with talented and ambitious students from all around the world enabled high level academic discussions.”

CEMS Class of 2018
CEMS Term aboard at NUS Business School, Corvinus University of Budapest