CEMS MIM Programme Structure

Students taking the MSc (Management) with the CEMS MIM will have an altered and longer programme structure, which is outlined below.

program structure V1d


program structure V2a


  • CEMS grading is based upon the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) framework, which was developed to facilitate the understanding and comparison of grades given according to different national systems.
  • A minimum 24 ECTS and maximum 37.5 ECTS per term may be credited towards the MIM.
Exchange Programme

As a CEMS student, you are required to spend one term each at two CEMS partner schools.  Destinations for the terms abroad will depend on availability.  Location preferences and sequence will be taken into consideration, but those with better academic standing (including good GMAT scores) may stand a higher chance in getting their preferred placement.

Language Requirements

All CEMS MIM students graduate with competence in three languages, one of which must be English and another must be one of the CEMS Languages.  To prove your proficiency in the foreign language(s), you must show evidence of secondary/university education in a foreign language, produce certification on the language proficiency*, or undertake language courses or tests provided by the home/host schools.

You are also required to complete a 2-day Business Communication Skill Seminar in English. 

* CEMS uses the Common European Framework of References (CEFR) for comparing language proficiency in all European languages.

Block Seminar

Students begin the CEMS MIM term with an intensive one-week seminar called the Block Seminar. This is mandatory and has to be completed at the host school in Term 1. The Block Seminar is an ideal starting point to the programme as it provides the opportunity to discuss management topics from different cultural and academic perspectives.

Unique Courses

CEMS MIM offer several unique courses for students to take during their two years of study. During Term 1, you have to successfully complete a CEMS Course in the field of Global Strategy – a course offered exclusively to CEMS students.

The Responsible Global Leadership Seminar (RGL) is a two-day course, which takes place at the beginning of Term 2. The RGL Seminar brings together representatives from Corporate and/or Social partners, professors and students, for an experiential learning experience.

During Term 2, you have to successfully complete a CEMS Course in the field of Global Management Practice – another exclusive course for CEMS students.

Skills Seminars

These shorter seminars provide training on practical skills that are essential for an effective professional career. They are held throughout the two terms and often in cooperation with companies.

CEMS Business Project

Students have to work in small teams on a business project during Term 2 of the CEMS MIM year. Business projects take a consultancy-like approach and allow you to apply your skills and knowledge to solve a real business problem for an international organization.  The student teams work independently and are supervised and evaluated by both the faculty advisor and the corporate representatives.  A Business Project will amount to about half of Term 2's workload.

International Internship

The main objective of internship is to turn academic knowledge and theoretical knowledge into a professional and multi-cultural experience.  The internship can take place at a CEMS Corporate Partner, an international company, or a non-profit organization; as long as the work responsibilities correspond to that of a graduate recruit.  You are responsible for finding your own internship and getting all official documents required for employment.  More information can be found in the CEMS website:

CEMS Internship Guide: 
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