Student Life


NUS has a myriad of interests, sports and academic groups where students can be a part of. These groups aim to bond students through a common pursuit. Students are free to join these groups to pursue their passion, and have a fulfilling and holistic student experience. Students living in the residential colleges can also look forward to participating in activities to create an enjoyable communal living environment. More information is available here.


The Master’s Club

The Master’s Club (TMC) brings together all students who are currently in the MSc programmes and aims to connect them with past and future students. Helmed by student volunteers and supported by the programme office, TMC organises activities and seminars throughout the year to enrich and enhance the student experience. They also network with alumni on a regular basis to enable students to build meaningful connections and create a vibrant community.

CEMS Club Singapore

CEMS Club Singapore is the local chapter of the CEMS student clubs that are present in each academic partner. The CEMS Club is the most important pillar of the CEMS student experience and the main structure designed to make the CEMS life real for students. It is core to the CEMS community, at the crossroad between the students and all the different CEMS stakeholders, namely Corporate Partners, Alumni, CEMS students and their universities. It unites all CEMSa students and involves them in the building of CEMS as a community in each campus.


“As a member of the CEMS exchange program, NUS Business School is enriched culturally as well as academically as CEMS students bring in distinctive approaches to learning, critical thinking and communication. The added diversity is enriching personally and professionally, as it makes students adapt in a positive and challenging environment – a requisite in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Among the global pool of CEMS universities, NUS Business School easily offers one of the richest and most diverse experiences. It provides students with ideas and views through an Asian, multicultural lens both on and off campus. This is a tremendous asset coming from Europe.”

CEMS Class of 2018
CEMS Term Abroad at NUS Business School, London School of Economics & Political Science