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This is a full-time programme. You are required to complete 40 modular credits (MCs) over two semesters in an academic year:

    • At most two Level-4000 modules chosen from any offered by the Business School, or equivalent modules
    • At least eight Level-5000 MSc modules offered for the programme by the Business School, or equivalent modules

Most of the modules are worth four MCs with three hours of class a week for 13 weeks.  All the modules offered in the MSc (Management) programme are conducted in English.

Below are some of the modules that are typically offered. They may be periodically reviewed and are subject to change:

 Module Code  Module Name
ACC5001 Business Analysis and Valuation
BMF5001 Financial Management of Family Business
BMF5002 Valuation of Mergers and Acquisitions
BMK5001 Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
BMK5002 Applied Market Research
BMK5003 Behavioural Economics
BMK5004 Design Thinking & Business Innovations
BMK5005 Competitive Marketing Strategy
BMK5006 Consumer Culture Theory
BMO5003 Workplace and Corporate Deviance
BMO5004 Special Topics in Organizatonal Behaviour
BMP5001 Venture Capital
BMP5002 Asian Business Environment
BMP5003 Managing for Public & Private Environmental Sustainability
BMS5702A Asian Management and Leadership: Learning From Zheng He
BMS5702B Managing Business Networks
DSC5101 Analytics for Managerial Economics
DSC5211A Supply Chain Coordination & Risk Management
DSC5211B Analytical Tools for Consulting
DSC5211C Quantitative Risk Management
ECA5101 Microeconomics
ECA5102 Macroeconomics
ECA5333 Financial Markets & Portfolio Management
ECA5334 Corporate Finance
ECA5341 International Trade & Finance
ECA5373 The Singapore Economy
ECA5374 The Modern Chinese Economy

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